Economic Substance
confirmation in the UAE

Eliminate the risk of losing very significant tax benefits by achieving compliance with
the Economic Substance Regulation (ESR). It requires conforming to international
standards implemented by the OECD, banking regulations, and UAE law.

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Banks have tightened their policies and countries now permit fewer tax planning schemes. This is the reality of modern day constraints on business. One effect is to oblige business owners to demonstrate that they fulfil the requirements of economic presence and that the center of business management and control is within the country. SORP Group will help you avoid financial, legal and tax risks by providing a comprehensive solution.

International business activities that
require ESR compliance in the UAE

Services and
Sale of goods, warehouse management, consulting or administrative services and service centers.
Banks, credit institutions or insurance activities, management of investment
funds or securities.
Any business structures designed for effective management and optimization of international business fall under ESR.
Overseas business
Conducting any global projects: establishing, managing, supporting, financing a business from the UAE.
Registration and management of intellectual property (IP): patents, trademarks, including copyright.
Transporting goods by land and sea, as
well as forwarding, support and dispatch services.
Companies subject to the ESR conditions must pass a special test for compliance with the requirements of economic presence in the UAE. That involves submitting an annual report to the regulatory body within 12 months following the end of the previous financial period. Usually, regulators are empowered to independently establish the form such a report must take and the procedure for its submission, depending on the type of activity and place where the business is registered.

Steps to be taken in order to comply
with the ESR requirements:

Physical office
Confirm business accommodation in the UAE through leasing or purchasing an office, commercial premises and/or warehouse with a mandatory address registered at the place of business.
Staff hired
Ensure that a sufficient number of full time staff members are on the books. The size of the businesses determines how many people should be employed by the company.
Contact information
A local phone number, a website with a UAE domain (.ae) that is hosted within the country, confirmed postal address, actively sending or receiving business correspondence.
Local decision
making center
Proof that management and control of the business is centered in the UAE, as well as keeping minutes of regular and occasional meetings of shareholders that take place in the UAE.
Ensuring continued ESR compliance requires companies to maintain high bookkeeping and accounting standards and file annual financial reports for UAE activities, depending on requirements.
Tax residency
Obtain a tax residency certificate
with quarterly filing of tax returns to country's fiscal authorities in order to confirm the requirements of the UAE regulators.
SORP Group has the government licenses as well as its own resources and tools that will help your business comply with the ESR requirements exactly in accordance with UAE legislation - without incurring large financial costs. SORP also provides a guarantee that there are no legal or tax risks.

Solutions by SORP Group that will help your business meet the UAE’s ESR requirements

Nominee services
Provision of director with limited rights who is a UAE resident, so as to confirm the presence of the executive body in the country.

Outsourcing services
Administrative, secretarial, legal, PRO support, IT services. SORP
can also provide qualified staff
on an outsourced basis.

Business address
Offices for rent in SORP Business Center specifically for passing KYC procedures or confirming economic presence in the UAE.

Tax residency status

Assistance in obtaining a tax domicile certificate as proof of the compliance with the requirements of affiliation to the UAE.

Accounting services

Preparation of audit reports and support in matters of filing tax returns, and assistance with tax registration in the UAE.

Business re-domiciliation

Legal support for changing the jurisdiction of registration of a foreign company to the UAE, a country with a unique taxes.

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Risks of non-compliance with the requirements for confirming economic presence in the UAE

Difficulty in opening a bank
Impossible to pass KYC procedures required to open a bank account and confirm that business operations are active in the UAE.
Financial penalties and
impact on trading
Failure to comply with the ESR can result in severe penalties and sanctions such as the revocation of trade licenses or permits.
Risk of losing tax incentives
Spontaneous exchange of information with foreign tax authorities, application of normal tax rates to all income, also from abroad, interest charged.
Transactions considered as
being fictitious
This issue depends on recognition and acceptance (or not) of tax optimization schemes or transfer pricing.
Loss of the company’s tax
residency status
The company will be taxed based
on the locations where it has earned
Loss of business
Disclosure occurs as per the CRS
regulation - tax data is sent to the
country of residence.

SORP is your reliable partner for the long haul - helping your business succeed in the UAE

Confidentiality and protection
Confidential legitimate solutions for tax optimization, concealment of beneficiaries, and protection against automatic data exchange under CRS arrangements
Integrated approach
The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses and shareholders - from incorporating companies to obtaining tax residency status
Integrated Solutions
Turn-key company incorporation, including analysis of your business needs and selecting the most appropriate type of legal entity
15 Years in UAE Market
Expertise and experience in providing professional advice, company incorporation, and supporting client businesses in many sectors of the economy
Banking Support
Assistance in choosing a bank that is suitable for your purposes, support with opening bank accounts and passing KYC procedures (Know Your Customer)
Confirm that your
business is managed
from the UAE
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SORP experts keep up to date with global trends and constantly monitor changing requirements of local legislation and international standards.

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